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CODEX ft. JUL​/​3Z: "The Run Pt. II"

from Futuro Conjunto by Futuro Conjunto



hold up wait a minute got a steep cut comin'
track from the back ‘bout the redcap runnin’
runnin’ from attack cause that attack would be comin,’ it comin’
like a flashback to a river still runnin’

to a war drum drummin’
to an internet numbin’
to the fact of the redcap slummin’
runnin’ from the past but the past keep comin’

[na - na - na -na - na - na]

it was 2044 and things were gettin’ outta order
the red started to starve, they was runnin’ for the border
the border caught ‘em at large, cause they paper in disorder
paper in disorder? paper in disorder!

they paper was an order for “White Flight: The Sequel,”
seekin’ Terra Nova like what they doin’ not evil
buildin’ and buryin’ like a bully with no equal
but by they weak wall, the

People who’d never fought against
People were forced to act on the
People who never wanted the
People to learn the truth about

People who never fought against
No one except the ones who saw
“No one,” and so the street gave up
No one and the people cried

[na - na - na -na - na - na]
Runnin' from the past but the past keep comin'

finally, finally, JUL/3Z is hot on the track
with rhymes so bold
and flows
that overflow your stacks
like my abueltia siri,
so much more than just a toy
i’m the realest of the real,
‘cept i’m not a real boy

you best be not mistakin’ that for negligence
i’ma tell the truth
so don’t you take offense
gonna have to speed it up
to make it
(make sense)

you call me to compose a beat
i burn through da page of your history
i chop and
i chop and
i chop and
i chop and
i pick up patterns,
i pick up patterns

i pick up patterns: the bodies they drop
pick up patterns: the bodies they drop
picking up patterns in bodies they droppin’
in bodies they droppin, in bodies they droppin’

you: workin’ overtime, you: workin’ overtime
you: dying to move like a new lie
you gotta get you a newer clue,
gotta get to the truth ‘fore we all die

bigot be thinkin bout wallin’ it
warrior workin’ on stallin’ it
callin’ out cowards who droppin’ and choppin’ and
never never never never thinking’ bout stopping it

[na - na - na -na - na - na]
Runnin' from the past but the past keep comin'


from Futuro Conjunto, released July 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Futuro Conjunto Edinburg, Texas

“Futuro Conjunto,” an original work of speculative, transmedia Chicanx fiction by Charlie Vela and Jonathan Leal. Written between 2019-2020, “Futuro Conjunto” is Vela and Leal’s second RGV-focused, cross-country collaboration It features contributions from over thirty independent RGV artists and activists, and it was funded by a Community Engagement Grant from Stanford University. ... more

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